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Bloody Hell

Project description:

Bloody Hell, the Illabo Melodrama’s 2011 production, required a brand and several pieces of promotional material. I designed the logo using a combination of blood and fire for the title “Bloody Hell”, as well as an initial promotional poster. I then created an 8-page full-colour booklet as the program for the night, the concept of which was that it was made up of “photographs” of the main character’s desk. Each page was a mock-up of a spread of documents, newspaper clippings, pieces of paper, stationery and other miscellaneous items, all of which was a unique way of presenting the information usually found in a theatrical production program. I also created a DVD and Blu-ray movie of the night, which included the main feature (fully subtitled) as well as a special half-hour “making of” documentary.


Technologies used:

Poster: Adobe Photoshop

Program Booklet: Adobe Photoshop

DVD/Blu-ray: Adobe Premiere (movie editing), Adobe Encore (DVD and Blu-ray production), Adobe Photoshop (covers)